Beginners Baking Course

Baking can be fun, creative, and a wonderful thing to share with family and friends, but it can also be dauting to a beginner. With that in mind I’ve created a course to teach you some staple skills to grow your confidence, and most importantly your enjoyment of baking. 

This course would be a series of private one-to-one, approximately 3 hour classes, once a week, running over 3 – 5 weeks depending on your requirements. Each class will focus on a particular area of baking, where together we’ll bake 3 or 4 items to give you a good understanding and varied experience.

In each class we’d cover the following:

  • Understanding the importance of accuracy in baking
  • Covering the basic stages of each bake
  • Understanding the key areas to get right
  • Knowing when your bakes are cooked
An example of a course structure:
  • Sponge cakes; Sponge cakes are the perfect place to start, they’re tasty and happily fairly simple cakes to make. We’ll cover a range of flavours, shapes, and sizes to give you an idea of just how flexible this staple cake is.
  • Small cakes and cookies; Smaller baked goods are perfect if you’re short on time or craving something more bitesize, and they make wonderful gifts.
  • Sweet traybakes; Traybakes are the best of both worlds, they bake fairly quickly and give you plenty of scope for different flavours and textures. Once they’re baked and cooled, they just need to be portioned and served!
  • Introduction to pastry; Pastry can be tricky so in this class we’d focus on making tasty pies and tarts with a few different simple types of pastry. For example making a sweet shortcrust as well as how to work with shop-bought puff pastry. 
  • Desserts and puddings; Puddings are the ultimate in comfort food, we’d go over some classic puddings so you feel confident showing off your dessert skills at your next dinner party, or even just making a relaxing pudding after Sunday Roast. 
If you’re interested in a beginner’s baking course please get in touch with me as I will tailor it to your interests and requirements and the price will be based on the menu we decide upon.


I am currently fully booked and will then be taking a break from running my classes – please check back at a later date for updates.