Bread By Hand

All new series of classes on the beautiful skill of making bread!

In the first of the series you will learn to make bread by hand. I will help you master the basic stages through handling the bread dough, enabling you to feel confident making bread at home.  Perfect for someone entirely new to bread making as well as a more experienced home baker who wants to understand the process and get more consistent results. Each person will make their own loaf, flavoured rolls, and flatbreads so you’ll get plenty of individual hands on experience of each part of the process.

You’ll learn the following skills which you will then be able to build on in following classes:

  • Kneading dough by hand- feeling the gluten develop through kneading
  • Ingredients – what is required for bread and how you can play around with it
  • Proving – where, how, how long!
  • Shaping – making free form shapes as well as using tins
  • Baking – how to achieve a lovely crust and recognise when your bread is baked

Dates TBC – this class is available as a private class – if you are interested please email

Later classes to include; alternative flours, enriched dough.