Enriched Dough

Enriched dough takes the humble bread dough to the next level; elevating it from a simple loaf to a luxurious treat. There is so much versatility with enriched dough and in this class we’ll cover a few favourites to get you started.

Through making enriched dough by hand you’ll learn the following skills which you will then be able to build on in the future:

·         Kneading enriched dough by hand – feeling the gluten develop through kneading

·         Ingredients – what is required for bread and how you can play around with it

·         Proving – where, how, how long!

·         Shaping – making free form shapes vs tins 

·         Baking – how to achieve a lovely finish and recognise when your bread is baked

You’ll make a batch of enriched dough and use it to make two different bakes such as; cinnamon rolls and sticky buns, or doughnuts and chocolate babka. 

This class will take around 3 ½ hours and can be arranged for a weekday morning or afternoon at my own kitchen in Cumnor, West Oxford.

I am currently fully booked and will then be taking a break from running my classes – please check back at a later date for updates.