Beginners Cookery Course

Cooking can sometimes be daunting to a beginner so with that in mind I’ve created a course to teach you some staple skills to grow your confidence in the kitchen and most importantly – your enjoyment of cooking.

This course would be a series of private one-to-one, approximately 2 ½ hour classes, once a week, running over 4 – 6 weeks depending on your requirements. Each class will focus on a specific skill and we’ll create a meal to put that skill into practice.

In each class we’d cover the following:

  • Working neatly and safely
  • Good knife skills and kitchen hygiene
  • Proper cooking of meat and vegetables
  • Seasoning and adjusting / correcting the taste of your food

An example of a course structure:

  • Knife skills – Including different types of knives and their uses, how to safely work with your knives, then onto different vegetable cuts from a chunky chop to a fancy brunoise! We would put your hard work to good use to make a simple tomato sauce or vegetable quiche.
  • White Sauce – Covering the basics of the all-important white sauce, the foundation to many other sauces and dishes. This could be a cheese sauce for a comforting macaroni and cheese, or as an elegant sauce to top some baked fish.
  • Soup – a fantastic staple and wonderful way to use up odds and ends from the
    fridge. This could be a bright spring watercress soup or a vegetable broth (put those knife skills to practice!). Served with homemade croutons and maybe even a parmesan crisp!
  • Risotto – sometimes seen as a tricky dish we’ll go over a basic recipe so that you know the formulae to achieve a silky-smooth risotto. Then we’ll add more flavours and elements to elevate the dish to something you’d dish up at a dinner party.
  • Chicken curry – You’ll learn about working with spices as well as correctly cooking chicken. It may be an Indian or a Thai curry but we’ll certainly cover how to cook fluffy perfect rice as an all essential side dish.
  • Tray bake dinner – The perfect mid-week meal aimed at minimising washing up and time standing over hobs! This will be focused on maximising flavour with simple ingredients. While your traybake is cooking we’ll cover some side dishes and accompaniments to maximise your learning in the time available.
  • Sponge cakes – the basis for all good cakes whether they be for an afternoon tea or a beautiful birthday cake! This could be a Victoria sponge or lemon drizzle cake – something simple but effective and perfect for any celebration.

If you’re interested in a beginner’s cookery course please get in touch with me as I will tailor it to your interests and requirements and the price will be based on the menu we decide upon.

I am currently fully booked and will then be taking a break from running my classes – please check back at a later date for updates.